Personal Projects

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Here is a list of the projects/concepts that I am working on. Feel free to contact me if you would like to participate in one or more of these.

  • Digital Projection
    • For this project I will be projecting one or more images onto a model.
  • Holi Powder
    • This particular project can be a little messy. This is where the colorful Holi Powder, similar to that which is used for Color Runs and one of the Indian Holidays, is thrown at and/or dumped on the model. The powder that I use comes off easily with a dry towel and will not stain your clothes or your skin. Because this powder does go everywhere rather easily, I tend to do these shoots at locations where there is a reasonable amount of privacy so that there is little concern about being seen by the public.
  • Black/UV Light
    • This project is a cross between the Digital Projection and the Holi Powder. On this project a design is painted on the model with a gel, paint, and/or powder that fluoresces under a black/UV light. The products that are used are hypoallergenic, come off with a wet-wipe or a little soap and water, and does not stain your skin or clothes.